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 [ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08

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PostSubject: [ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08   Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:41 pm

This thread is NOT to start fanwars, rather clear all the misunderstandings with evidence so people will stop sprouting things that aren't true.
I know this was posted earlier, but it seems that the OP didn't explain it well enough. Thus it caused an argument.
Anyway, this is the program about dream concert subbed:

NOTE: Don't believe everything you read on the internet, unless there is a sufficient amount of evidence.
Well what happened?
DC08Three fandoms (Cassiopeia, TripleS, ELF) unite in performing the “Black Ocean” against SNSD during their performance at Dream Concert 2008. With these three fandoms being veterans and SNSD being less than a year old, CATEL as they were dubbed by Korean media, dominated the stadium in terms of numbers.
Black Ocean is the act of turning off lightsticks and not reacting to the people on stage. In K-Pop, it is the ultimate passive act of disrespect. Some portions of the audience chanted “Wonder Girls” throughout SNSD’s performance.
The cause was said by CATEL to be SNSD’s bad manners and SONE allegedly raping and stabbing members of CATEL during the concert (of which DC organisers and police said there were no claims made, assistance required from stewards or investigation requested). There were also claims made of SONE tearing other people’s banners… which seems audacious for a fandom that is not even a year old.(oniontaker a resourceful Korean sone)
And before anyone says anything NO IT WASN'T ONLY ELF WHO DID THIS!
There are many accusations that need to be cleared up I will show the proof against them:
1. "Sones stabbed fans"
2."Sones raped fans"
MNET wide staff contacted the organizers of DC and the hospital, this was the result:

oniontaker: A guy plays with a shiny thing. ELF takes a grainy lo-res photo from behind his shoulder. They say it’s a knife. I remember one person saying that it actually looked like the backlight of a phone. All that’s visible K-Pop fans aren’t cool enough to carry knives, girl, we’re all socially awkward derps.
So here’s how the rumour progressed:

  1. Guy is playing with some shiny thing, or is using his phone. Photo is taken.
  2. There is no talk of knives at all before this photo is posted.
  3. The photo is posted online.
  4. He now becomes a SONE and he is carrying a knife.
  5. ELF talk about how horrible this is.
  6. Suddenly, there are multiple SONE now, all carrying multiple knives around and threatening people.

Where did you do your research? An English site?
It’s like Chinese whispers. Always go to the source.
It also wasn't on the news. If that really did happen there should have been news about it.
3. "Black ocean was retaliation for sones ripping the Super Junior banners"

While it's true that SUJU's banners were ripped, there is NO evidence that it was sones who did it. Some said it was security but I have yet to see evidence for that statement either.
And for people saying Black Ocean was payback for the banner ripping, It was not.
Even Super Junior's manager knew that black ocean was planned before DC08.

Some comments about DC:
The biggest one in terms of content was the legendary Shin Haechul who called it “the atrocity/savagery of three groups of [human] scraps”.
He then went on his live radio show and shouted into the microphone “… I invite the representatives of CaTeuEl [Cassiopeia/TripleS/ELF] to come to broadcast and state their point of view. Tell me how you did nothing wrong. Tell me why you are so shameless.”
“Girls’ Generation have no manners? The way they talk to sunbaes?
You have no right to correct anyone about this. You are not their mothers, fathers or managers. You are not even their home-room teachers. If Girls’ Generation were badly behaved, the entertainment industry would have dealt with them on its own.”
This comes from someone who has been active in the entertainment industry for what is now a quarter of a century. Rookie artists like SNSD would have been eaten alive if they had been guilty of what antis accused them of.
Some of those anti-bloggers claimed to understand Korean culture; they clearly do not. The Korean entertainment industry is, almost like a guild, a macro-organisation. It looks after its own and punishes where necessary: that’s why it’s been so easy to kill off JTL and hold back JYJ (at least in Korea). SNSD would have been crippled by seniors from the beginning if they really were disrespectful.
I have been a singer for 20 years. I was in unfair situations before. When I ask my fans why they didn’t riot on my behalf, they replied ‘we couldn’t because it would ruin oppa’s public image’. It really moved me”
“Do you think you dishonoured/shamed Girls’ Generation? No. You dishonoured/shamed the DBSK, SS501 and Super Junior whom you all represent.”
I would like to ask everyone NOT to post any links with the source "Shnyepop" because that is a bunch of lies that will confuse everyone.
oh and TL;DR: All that stuff about sones stabbing & raping have been proven false. There's no proof sones ripped the banner & if you believe every fan account you read...I feel sorry for you.
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PostSubject: Re: [ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08   Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:19 am

I just knew about this whole black ocean thing today and it really saddens me. Our girls didn't deserve it and never will. For some reason, I'm starting to hate all the fans involved in this. How can they do this to them?? they were just rookies back then!!!... every sone who'll come across this incident will most probably always hold a grudge against other fans for doing this.

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PostSubject: Re: [ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08   Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:04 am

Nah, actually a lot of sones don't care anymore and don't even mention Black Ocean.
You don't need to hold a grudge, rather just understand what happened back then.
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PostSubject: Re: [ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08   Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:48 am

They're just being stupid. But since it's over 3 years old then forget about it. The guy with the cast on his leg is faking it since there's no one around that age who visited the hospital due to injuries.
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PostSubject: Re: [ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08   Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:24 am

Thank you for this. This should really come in handy for when a new K-pop fan starts throwing those bs lies at me about what happened at DC08... It's so stupid and sad that people still get their information from anti-fans and anti-blogs regarding this matter.

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PostSubject: Re: [ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08   

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[ANTI AF ARTICLE] Accusation towards sones @ DC08
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