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We are S♥️NES who find anti-SNSD's unreasonable for hating and spreading fallacy about SNSD. Up until now, anti-SNSD's have mislead people into thinking that SNSD are "Slutty", "Untalented", "Plastic", "Fake", etc. to other fan-clubs and to new K-POP fans...As AntiSTANDable, we are here to clear-up the fallacy with evidence to prove anti-SNSD's wrong and show SNSD for who they truly are.

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 My New Year's Message For Girls' Generation

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PostSubject: My New Year's Message For Girls' Generation   My New Year's Message For Girls' Generation Icon_minitime1Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:52 am

Before we say goodbye to 2011, i'd like to take a moment to wish Girls' Generation a very Happy New Year. I really wish the nine girls the very best in 2012 and I also wish them good luck on their European advancement starting in January. I really do hope that I can see all nine girls in person when I get a deserving chance and also hang out with them. I'd also like to wish Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Jessica good luck on their Korean dramas and I hope that Yuri and Jessica, aka YulSic, will deliver solid performances since it's their first time acting. And, of course I will still like the whole entire group if they decide to change their ways and spice up concepts as well. I don't mind them being so sexy. And, i'm sorry to other SONEs out there, but i'm just going to let Girls' Generation do what's best for them. So anyways, once again, I wish Girls' Generation a very Happy New Year and good luck to what comes next for the girls
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My New Year's Message For Girls' Generation
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