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 [NEWS] SNSD for Golden Disk Awards Again This Year

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PostSubject: [NEWS] SNSD for Golden Disk Awards Again This Year   Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:26 pm

Guys, please let us help the girls win the GDA again this year. They are making us happy and this is the only thing that we could do for them. Let us make them feel loved by helping them win various awards this year.

Please vote for SNSD! This is for Golden Disc Awards this January ..
-Make an account
Click ’회원가입’ on the upper right side
Then click ‘일반회원 가입하기.’
... Write down your id you want to make in the first blank, write your E-mail in second blank. Write your password in third and fourth blanks.
Check the little box in the bottom.
Press the ‘가입하기’ botton.
Go to your E-mail which you wrote and press the press the [확인] button.
-How to vote:

In that page, clich the ’소녀시대’ and you can see black box wrote in 투표하기. It means vote. So if you click that botton, the vote is done.
Note: Please vote for our girls EVERYDAY! Let’s go 소시, let’s go!

This is the site: VOTE HERE
You can only vote once a day, so please please vote for them everyday.


go to BUGS and click the star beside "The Boys" to vote for SNSD.

Please vote them everyday! And spread this links to various SNSD sites. Thanks!

(If you know other sites, let us know:) )

♥️Taeyeon♥️ Barf♥️Taeyeon♥️
♥️Jessica♥️ ♥️Jessica♥️
♥️Sunny♥️ Aegyo♥️Sunny♥️
♥️Tiffany♥️ ♥️Tiffany♥️
♥️Hyoyeon♥️ ♥️Hyoyeon♥️
♥️Yuri♥️ ♥️Yuri♥️
♥️Sooyoung♥️ ♥️Sooyoung♥️
♥️Yoona♥️ Pout♥️Yoona♥️
♥️Seohyun♥️ ♥️Seohyun♥️
♥Together, they make the power of NINE♥9♥
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PostSubject: Re: [NEWS] SNSD for Golden Disk Awards Again This Year   Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:13 am

SNSD,KARA and BEG?Who should I vote for?TT.TT not a huge BEG fan,but Sixth Sense is damn catchy!

Yoonadict 4life!

"I wish food was falling from the sky..."-Im Yoona
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[NEWS] SNSD for Golden Disk Awards Again This Year
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